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Debris Collection I

Debris Collection I

Bring in the destruction! 3D scanned brick, concrete and stone fragments to add details to your scenes!


A collection of 13 3D scans of debris using cross polarised light. Cross polarisation helps with capturing the real diffuse map of the object. Each model comes with 4 textures, a low poly mesh and clean UVs


Wear and tear, smudges, dirt, it’s all there! The details are incredible because they're taken out of the real object! 


Capturing method: Photogrammetry

The collection can be used in all 3D programs but it also contains a database specifically for C4D users. This database makes the objects available inside Cinema 4d with extra niceties like keywords for easy and fast search. 

  • What you will get:

    • 13 Photoscanned objects
    • A C4D database for easy use inside Cinema. Redshift is the renderer used. 
    • FBX models if you're not a C4D user
    • 4 types of textures for each object in 4K resolution(Diffuse, Normal, Displacement, Roughness)

    The objects:
    Brick Burnt Clay 01 | Brick Piece 01 | Brick Piece 02 | Brick Piece 03 | Brick Piece 04 | Concrete Brick 01 | Concrete Small 01 | Concrete Small 02 | Concrete Small 03 | Concrete Small 04 | Stone Medium 01 | Stone Medium 02 | Stone Big 01

30,00 €Price
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