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My first thoughts on the GH5

Updated: May 14

I was quite lucky and got the GH5 on launch day so had a lot of time to geek out. This is my third micro four thirds camera (GF1, G7 and now GH5) and even though there are of course limitations because of the sensor I would say I’m really pleased with the purchase. At some point I want to move on to a full frame camera but at this time no full frame has this complete package the GH5 offers.

The price tag on the camera is definitely asking a lot from people especially when you can get a bigger sensor camera with that money but again the feature set overall cannot be beat.

I’ve compiled a video with all of my thoughts including image tests with the Fuji XT2 and 180fps footage so have a look and feel free to ask any questions in the comment section of youtube!

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