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Introduction to the new Greyscalegorilla Tactile Collection with Chad Ashley

Updated: May 13

Greyscale Gorilla needs no introduction! They’ve been on the asset game for years now and with each new release the quality gets better and better. This time there’s an all new type of asset, called tactile. The materials are captured from real world surfaces so there’s an incredible amount of detail there. Currently the collection offers unfinished wood and clay but there’s more on the way.

As you can see from these quick tests the quality of the materials is quite high! And in most cases you don’t really have to do much to make things look good. You can just apply the material, adjust the projection and scale and you’re good to go!

I’ve had the chance to sit down with Chad from Greyscale Gorilla and discuss all about this new collection and what the process for making this collection looks like. It’s interesting to hear all about their workflow and the thinking behind this new collection, so if you’re interested in inside baseball talk make sure to watch this!

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